About Ancon Marine

In 1968, after acquiring many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the requirements of stevedore and steamship companies, Conrad Hardin “Connie” formed his own company – Ancon Marine Supply and Salvage Co.  His aim was to provide the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors with a first class, full-service organization for shipping companies, cruise lines and other seaport customers.  Over the years, he was able to establish Ancon as a dynamic, growing business, to supply general marine equipment and provides a multitude of services.

Connie realized that Ancon had to keep pace with the changing times and progressive methods being implemented by the harbors and industry.  He was, therefore, constantly evaluating customers’ needs and was ever ready to diversify Ancon's base of operations to provide the appropriate service.  Several divisions spawned from Connie’s forward thinking approach to business and created what we now know as Ancon Marine, Inc.  These include Ancon Environmental, Ancon Transportation, and Ancon Marine.


Ancon’s Environmental division has been growing at a rapid pace since its inception in 1981.  What began as a industrial cleaning division with an emphasis in waste disposal and vacuum services has grown into a full service turnkey Industrial service company.  We have integrated our service lines to offer turnkey services at the total lowest cost of acquisition from one resource to all of their customers.


The company foresaw a demand for short and medium haul transportation services for the harbor industries and formed Ancon Transportation.  Utilizing a fleet of flatbed trucks and trailers, the company specializes in handling, Trans loading and delivery of a variety of products, but its expertise in the movement of steel and lumber products.  This division has now developed into a substantial operation with sizable customer base, which not only includes trading companies in the port but also has major railroad contracts.

Ancon looks back on the exciting and rewarding history, but continues to stay on the move.  Ever watchful for new requirements of the industries we service, Ancon is determined to grow and expand to meet those needs.


The Marine division continues to fulfill the needs of our customers and tenants of the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors.  We offer a full line of goods and services for steamship, stevedoring and insurance companies.  Our core competencies lie within the segregation and reconditioning of cargos, transloading of cargos from off shore or railroad shipments, specialized packaging and crating for ocean or railroad freight.

Just A Few Of The Industries Ancon Services

Oil Production



Theme Parks






Food and Beverage

Power Plants

Cruise Ships

Sanitation District