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Hydro blasting:

Ancon’s premiere High-Pressure Water Washing (Hydro blasting) division has the combined capabilities to handle a diverse range of advanced water cleaning applications. These applications incorporate engineering controls for safe work environments and efficient productivity. High pressure water blasting ensures the facilities are operating at maximum productivity which directly impacts the company’s overall performance. Applications of this cleaning methodology are; heat exchanger bundles (both shell and tube side), fin-fans, boilers, suction rolls, air heaters, and a variety of other process equipment.
Ancon integrates this service line with specialized accessories and technologies such as Water-cutting, multi-lance ID machines and dual and triple arm OD machines.

Ancon has an extensive and comprehensive inventory of hydro blasting equipment and accessories including:

  • 2500 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • 10,000 PSI 22 GPM Hydro blasting Units
  • 20,000 PSI Hydro blasting Units
  • 36,000 PSI Hydro blasting Units
  • Multi-Lance ID Exchanger Machines
  • OD Machines
  • Specialized Cutting Equipment